Losing Weight

losing weight is one of the biggest problem in the whole world.
And I’m one of the happy people that are trapped with this problem.
At this point I have it under controle but 2 or 3 years ago I didn’t care about my weight.
And the only thing what I’m think about was food!
I wasn’t hungry at all but I love the snacks.
Chocolate is my biggest enemy because when I buy a chocolade bar I can eat the whole bar in one time.

When you haven’t the size zero or a small size you know that you’re pick a bigger pants or something.
At one point I’ve changed and I’m thinking:
What the F! What have I dine to my body.
And my first step was to go to the gym.
Not once in a week but four times in a week.
The first time you put your clothes on to have your work out.
You must think: I want to go back, but you have to make a switch in your mind about losing weight.
And give a 100% from yourself!

When I start at the gym my weight was 102 kilos (225 pounds)
And after I started at the gym I take a look at what i’m eating.
If you do that it’s shocking! Because you think that you didn’t eat that much.
I changed allot:
– I will not eat any more after 8 pm.
– I only eat bread at breakfast and yogurt or something else at the lunch.
– No snacks!
– And for dinner I eat a tiny bit potatoes and more vegetables.
– Start drinking green tea.

And the combination between change my eating habits and go to the gym helped.
In the first couple of months I lost more than 10 kilos (22 pounds).
And after a couple of months I become more difficult to lose some weight but we were moving at the right time.
Because we had many odd jobs I had my exercise.
after a year, I stopped at the gym because we couldn’t afford it anymore.
But I continue to pay attention to my eating habits.

To till today I do that and I lost 27 kilos (59.5 pounds)
And it’s a struggle every day but I’ve learned it day by day
When you lose some weight the first thing you notice is that your clothes become too big.
Every kilo/pound you lose it’s frustrating because you wanna show your new/weight to the world.
But what also show up is the uncertainty because your true self come back.

All my life I’ve got trouble from uncertainty.
But when I lose weight my thoughts were:
When I lose allot of weight my uncertainty will go away.
But that isn’t true, you must encounter yourself!
And that’s a struggle everyday.
You must say to yourself: You’re good!
I’m happy with who I’m now, and I love my life.
And of course with the weight I’ve now, 75 kilos (165 pounds)
And I’m not a dietitian or something and this is the way I did it.

I write a part from my story here because I wanna show you who I am.
Thank you for reading this story!

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