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15 Week untill Christmas – Why I love Christmas?

I love every season of the year.
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
But every season has his own holidays.
In the Netherlands you have a couple of different holidays in December.
‘Sinterklaas’ is the Dutch version of Santa Claus.
He also gives presents to children.
But the last couple of years more people in the Netherlands are celebrating Christmas.
The way people in America are celebrating Christmas. To have a nice day with family and friends.
And give each other presents.

What I like about Christmas is that you are with your loved ones.
And celebrate the love you have for each other.
If I compare celebrating Christmas now and celebrating Christmas when I was a little child, allot changed!
When I was a little kid you have a nice Christmas with your family and after that you go to your grandfather and grandmother.
Or you play with your toys and play games with the family.

Nowadays I have to work a least one of the two days.
But the Christmas begins much earlier than 25 of December.
Most of the times that I start decorating the Christmas tree it’s early December.
Normally after my birthday but we can’t wait the last couple of years.
For the last couple of years we had a Christmas tree late November.
I get the most fun when I start decorating my living room and the start of Christmas.

Some people don’t get the Christmas feeling because they think that it’s weird to be nice for 2 days and after that you can do how you want to do.
It’s not that I’m an angel but I will be nice for everyone throughout the year.
And because you normally celebrate Christmas with your loved ones you automatically will be nice for those people.

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