Christmas Entertainment

16 weeks until Christmas

Every year you hear the you must buy new Christmas decorations.
Because the stores have new colors or new trends.
So to get you inspired I post a couple of pictures so you get in the Christmas vibe!
Before you watch the trends I must say something!
Because you’ll love it or hate it.

Like the Red and Gold trend is not my decoration that you’ll find at my house.
But the last 2 trends I really love!
Which trends do you like? Or which colors do you use the decorate the living room?
Let me know in the comment section below what you think.

Shimmer and shine
One of the 2014 home decor trends involve the inclusion of metallic accessories in your room designs. Including lots of gold and silver in your holiday decorations is going to be a popular trend. Think large scale items such as over-sized gold bows and ribbons on the tree, not just tiny shiny holiday ornaments. This is a great time to add some vintage gold-framed mirrors to a room. Mirrors can be hung on the wall or placed on a table as the base for a holiday display.

Tranquil Christmas themes
A white tree with turquoise, pale blue, light green or any other pastel color decorations is a trendy way to add tranquility to your home during the holiday season. To successfully achieve serenity, you’ll need to be conservative in the amount of decorations you put in a room. Less is best when creating a serene atmosphere.

Exciting and Bold
This is the year to let your creativity be displayed through your Christmas decorating ideas. Purple, bright pink, rich turquoise, brilliant red and emerald green are ideal colors to base your 2014 Christmas decorations on. Gold, silver and various other deep, rich colors with a metallic finish combine beautifully with dark shades of purple and turquoise.

Vintage Re-purposed Decorations
Vintage decorative accessories have made their way into modern and contemporary decors. The same can be done with holiday decorations. Vintage ornaments can attractively be incorporated into an modern home decor. Re-purposing items from the past is among the most popular 2014 holiday decorating themes.

Home decor trends for 2014 involve the use of textures to create visual interest in a room. For the holidays, you can apply that trend by using faux fur in your holiday to create some beautiful Christmas displays. The use of natural elements such as sisal and burlap blend well with woodland holiday decor themes which are very popular.

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