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17 weeks until Christmas

When you saw the title of this post you were probably in shock.
Because it’s August and normally not the time of the year to talk about Christmas.
And the Summer holiday is for most of the people over and you’re already back to work. Or your school start very soon.
If you start with school then I want to wish you good luck.
But every week I’ll prepare you for Christmas because you should be looking forward for something. Perhaps the next big holiday and that is Christmas.
And since it takes 17 weeks until Christmas you can get used of the fact that it’s almost Christmas.

I also write this post about Christmas because I really love Christmas and the meaning of it.
But I will talk allot about Christmas and how I prepare to one of the biggest holidays of the year.
But if you don’t like Christmas maybe the next video is the correct video for you.


The first time of this year that I think about Christmas was when I heard the news that the Christmas music station from the Netherlands released their digital station.
So you can listen to allot of Christmas songs even when it’s 20 degrees outside.
And I must say that was really surprised when they release it. Mid summer!
One of the persons that I follow on Facebook posted a picture from a shop that they have Christmas decorations in stores.
After these 2 things about Christmas I begin the search on Twitter what people thought about the music station and even talk about Christmas in August.
Allot of people liked it so I keep you posted about the latest news and good things that will come how closer we get to Christmas.
So if you like Christmas I’ll see you next week for the first update!

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