8 weeks until Christmas – What’s in stores?


At the first official blog about Christmas I showed you a couple of trends of this year.
But at that time I can’t see in the shops.
So I went to a big shop and watched the collection of the store.
I show you the trends in the stores, so you can see what is the trend and what you actually can shop for your own home.
In the store where I went were 4 different styles:

Wood and Clean

If you want to keep everything very clean, this is your style.
You keep it clean and simple. With a couple of wooden elements in your home and a good Christmas tree you are ready for the holidays.
If you like the wooden Christmas tree you have 2 new designs.
One is a flat Christmas tree with a couple of wooden boards.
And the other one is allot of wooden boards more a 3D effect of the other version.
You can make the wooden Christmas tree to stand in your room and decorate it lights or other Christmas decorations.
If you read and see the other styles, they decorated the Christmas trees in different styles.

Colorful and Playful

With this style you can do everything, with the colors you want.
It’s very playful and the options are endless.
If you see the different textures, colors, combinations of different elements it’s very different of the other styles I show you.
I can type more about this but the combinations are endless just like I already said.

Chic and Dark

The colors in this style are dark.
Like dark Green, Pink and blue.
The other things that you can use with this style are nature elements.
feathers, wooden elements, flowers other dark colorful animals like a peacock.
It’s a very chic and stylish style, and with this type of different elements and textures it feels and sees very rich/chic.
You also see allot of vintage pieces in the pictures, use an old/antique object and combine it with this style!

White and Pink

Pink, Pink and White are the colors from this style.
This is a kind of mix between the Clean style and the colorful style.
Because you have allot of different types of Pink, a bright color and pastel Pink.
And on the other side you have also allot of clean and white color.
You can combine this with bronze accessories like Christmas balls, or little statues of reindeer’s etc.

What are your thoughts about the styles and the colors that you can use this year.
Okay, you can do what you want of course because you can see the trends but make it your own at home.
Combine the styles and make it perfect for you!

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