Back to School?!

Maybe I’m a little bit to old to go back to school after the summer.
But every summer you are very excited when you summer holiday started.
and thinks:
I’m gonna have a super spectacular summer. with allot of excited things to do.
But time flies when your having fun, and even before you know it you’re back to school again.

Perhaps you think the same every June or July when the Sumner starts.
But the reality isn’t always that bright.
Because you have a job to get money to buy or do things.
Or your parents don’t have a holiday and you must spend the day’s at your grandma’s house.
Okay your summer isn’t that great but you must do the nice things by yourself because no other person will do that for you!
When I was a little boy you don’t have no worries and you just played with the neighbors kids.
But after a couple of weeks I want to go back to school.
I want to learn things and want to see my friends at school again.

Nowadays I don’t have the big summer holidays because I’m 23 years old and I have job.
But you can feel the tension from parents and children when they are shopping from the school stuff.
And that the summer holiday almost finished so you get a flashback about how it used to be when you was a little child.
Sometimes I miss the day’s of a 7 year old boy. And just enjoy the Summer at home!
If you had a summer holiday I want to say:
Good luck at school and start thinking about the next summer!

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