Bob Marley vs Dr Dre

Yesterday I bought the Smile Jamaica Earphones from the house of Marley.
And I wanna show you how much I love the earphones.
So I wrote a review for you!
click on the link below to read it.

I’ll start to explain how the earphones work etc. and then I will give my opinions about the earphones.

The smile Jamaica In-Earphones from The House Of Marley
I bought the lily version from the line.

When you see the earphones for the first time you might think that they made from plastic.
But one part from the earphones is made from FSC certified sapele and beech wood and the other part from recyclable aluminum.
When you makes the packaging open you see that they deliver 3 different sizes from the ear tips.
on the earphones you see the fabric cord on the most other earphones you have a plastic plastic cord.
You can choose between the standard cable or the cable with the three button remote and microphone.
The sound is amazing and very clear, you can feel the bass in your ears.
It cost me 29,99 euros. So that isn’t that expensive.

Another thing that I like about the house of Marley.
Is when you bought the earphones or another products from them you support the 1 love organisation. You can visite them here


About a year ago I received the earphones Ibeats by Dr Dre.
And if I must buy the earphones I cost me over a 100 euros.
You see the earphones but also the headphones from Dr Dre on allot of different artist. In music videos and that kind of entertainment.
So they hyped this product allot!
But when you open the package from the earphones. You see 7 different tips in different size and type.
That is one of the differences from the earphones. And the material where the earphones are made of.
The plastic and metal earphones are good and fits good in your ears.
The first time I put my earphones in my ear, the exportation’s where very high. So they could only disappoint me.
When I see the 2 earphones I must say that expensive ones are the best.
The quality is more important than the price.

So my advice to you is: if you wanna have a good quality product.
Don’t only watch which price it is, but you must look at the quality.
I’m gonna use both of the earphones, it depends in what kind of mood I am.
Or when one of the earphones fits the best with my outfit that day.

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