Childhood ’90s vs childhood nowadays

Normally I’m not a person that complains about other people.
But the last couple of years I see allot of children with the newest smartphones and other gadgets.
So I want to see the differences about my own childhood in the early 90’s and childhood nowadays.

when I was a child the gadget from that moment was the computer and television.
We had a computer but the games were to difficult and in the game was allot of violence.
And because of the violence, the difficulty I couldn’t play on the computer.
The television was my gadget in the early 90’s you had a children tv channel and it started at 6.30 am.
Almost every morning I was awake before the channel started.
It was a addiction, and I still have a weakness for the television.

When I was a 6/7 years you had a special laptop for children you learned how to count, read, spell etc. by educational games.
And when I was in grade 7 or 8 you had the mobile phone.
But my parents said that I was to young for a mobile phone.
At that time you excepted the decision from your parents.
I had my first phone when I was in the first grade of secondary school.
As a child you think you’re the coolest kid in town because you had a mobile phone.
But I had some frustrations because my little sister (8 years) also got a cell phone.

Kids nowadays have the most expensive smartphones and other gadgets.
I don’t understand why these children must have a expensive gadget?!
I now a child that is so addicted to a tablet that he only wants to play with it or he doesn’t know what to do.
His whole imagination and fantasy are gone.
And that’s really wrong because that kind of kids doesn’t play outside with other children.
Or make a puzzle, draw a nice drawing, enjoyed a visit to the petting.
I that isn’t good to do parents, show some guts to say no to your children.
They must know how to handle a ‘no’ from someone.

Okay I can write a blog about children and how you parents must educate them.
But I can’t change the world.
And I doesn’t know how it is to educate your own children.
So good luck parents and make the best of it!

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