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Crossy Road, Simcity Buildit and Monster Dash

It’s January and some of the people wants new apps or games for their phone.
This time I have 3 new apps to start with.
Get obsessed with these games so you don’t have to worry about your every day live.

Crossy Road [Android / iOS]
The first game is a easy but very difficult game.
The goal of this game is that you get on the other side of the street.
If you play this game for the first time you see how well designed it is
And this is definitely a game to get obsessed with.


SimCity Buildit [Android / iOS]

Electonic Arts is very busy to get the old school games to the smartphones/tablets.
They already have a other version of The Sims for you so you can play The Sims while you in the train or on your couch.
But this time they created a mobile version of the game SimCity.
I must say that they did a great job with all of the effects. But that is just what you can expect from EA.
But the game is deffinitly good if you want a good time with a good game.
So if you want to be a major from your own town. Put this game on your phone/tablet.


Monster Dash [Android / iOS]
This is another game from the creators of Jetpack Joyride.
In this game you play with the same character from the game.
Barry wants to kill every monster that is on his way.
It’s a very addictive game but it’s hard to come really far.
My high score is 2,135 meters. So what is your highscore?


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