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Dotan [Upcoming 2015]


To start this year with new and good music I will show you the next 2 months the upcoming music artists. So you don’t get a Top 5 untill March.
Some of the artist you know and some of the artist are new in the business.
I want to start with a Dutch artist called Dotan.
He had a big hit in 2014 with Home and released his second single Fall.
That isn’t the only music he released. He also released his second album 7 Layers.
It’s a folk-ish album with pop influences, the best way you can listen to his music is laying on a couch and close your eyes. And the only thing you do is listen to the music.


His voice and the rest of his music sounds very international so I think that 2015 is the year that you hear Dotan all over the world.
With the internet and Spotify it isn’t that hard to hear music from artist that live in other countries.
So support Dotan so download his album 7 Layers on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.


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