Drivers Licence and Jeff Gordon

Since last Wednesday I’ve got my drivers licence.
My first thoughts where: ‘Finally, I can drive without some next to me is saying how to drive!’

But then you sit in you’re one car, and it’s the simplest car in the whole world.
Really I was sweating all over my body, and I was nervous!
But I did it and it went very well.
I’ve got allot of argument with the car, because he didn’t do what I want him to do.
My husband left the car for a couple of times because we went to a store and I must park the car.
It was a small parking space. I tried it but after 4 times I finally park the car.
I’m not the best driver but I know how to drive and to use the theory.
And the car is still a enemy from me, we must become friends. I’m working on it!
I must say after your examination you just start to drive by yourself!

From Wednesday till now I let the car decline for more than 10 times.
People behind me in the traffic must a couple of times. I’m so sorry!
The good news is that I didn’t hurt or kill someone with the car.
And I don’t drive the same like Jeff Gordon.

It’s the first blog from me in English, what are your thoughts?
Should I do this more often? Let me know on twitter or in the comment section below.


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