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Elf Yourself, Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift, Bubble Monkey Christmas and Christmas Wallpapers [APP]

To get in the Christmas mood you must transform your phone or tablet to the Christmas Phone and Tablet.
So I will show you the best Apps to get in the mood!

Elf Yourself [Android / iOS]
If you want to suprise your friend with a funny app you must download this app.
You can upload the photo’s from you and your friends.
The app put your photo on a Elf so you can dance and show your moves.

Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift [Android / iOS]
Santa has a bad hair day and you must fix his problem.
You are the hairdresser and must make an incredible haircut!
If you have an iOS device you can download the original version of the app.
For Android you can download another version.

Bubble Monkey Christmas [Android]
There are allot of games where you have to shoot a bubble and if you have 3 or more bubbles that it pops below.
This time the creators of this game painted allot of stuff to make it a Christmas feel.
This time you only can download the game only for Android.

Christmas Wallpapers [Android / iOS]
This kind of apps can’t missing on your phone or tablet.
I choose two different apps that are in my opinion the best wallpaper apps.
Download the app and get the Christmas feeling that you want!

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