Fans are scary!


Only if you’ve already read the title from this blog you know about what kind of fans I talk about.
And that aren’t the fans that buyes the CD and go to a concert from the artist.
But that are the die hard fans. I talk about the Justin Bieber fans, the One Direction fans or the fans from Lady Gaga.
Ofcourse not all the fans are that scary.
I know if I talk not positive about the artist or the fans i’ll be hated, but I’ll take the risk.

A couple of weeks ago I heard the news about the whole Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan thing.
And that the fans from One Direction send her allot of stupid and hatefull things.
That is really scary because the fans don’t think about the other persons feelings.
Or totally what the other persons thinks. Because the fans are so obsesed with the artist that you (as a not fan) must talk positive about the artist or you’ll be hated by the die hard fans.
Some fans thinks that they own the artist because he/she is the biggest fan!

It’s not only the story from Ellie Goulding but also the story that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez where in love and the fans hated Selena because of that.
Or one of the other stories but it’s not right to do that.
As a fan is fun to buy what the artist released or go to a concert but to hate people it isn’t okay!

The celeberties had their own life and do what they want to do.
And to stay in the spotlight you must make a rumor or to cause a riot.
So let the people do what they want to do and focus on your own life because in some ways it’s already enough to handle!!

On Youtube or other music/video services you can comment on a video or song.
Their are some persons on the world that are full of hate and the only way that they send or post a comment is a negative way.
A person that uploaded the video or song put all his love into the video or song and want to share it with the world.
You can feel a negative thing if you seen the video but show some respect for the people that made it.
And what I really don’t like is that the persons comment with some really hard words.
They scold with diseases and the most common epithet is gay.
That is really weird to say: ‘Your channel and videos are really gay!’
Sorry but how can you see if a video or channel is gay?
I mean does the channel owner had a rainbow flag on his background or is the owner dressed in a skirt?
That doesn’t mean that the person is gay.

I said enough about this topic.
What are you thoughts about this? And how far can fans go if a person said negative things about the artist?
Let me know in the comment section.

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