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Fifth Harmony [Upcoming Artist]


You probably know this girl group but I think that this could be one of the Girl groups that could have a major success this year.
It all started at the talent show from Simon Cowell, they were one of the contestants of the show.
They aren’t auditioning for the show as a group but after the auditions they failed but they get a change to become a girl group.
It wasn’t that hard to say yes because you are in a group and they were though to the Live shows.
Fifth Harmony isn’t the first name that the group had they were: LYLAS” (Love You Like a Sister), 1432 (which stands for I Love You Too).
But Simon Cowell wasn’t satisfied about the name and he asked the viewers to send new names and they picked Fifth Harmony as there final name.


The group was the openings act for Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd.
And were Artists To Watch by MTV in 2014.
But I think that 2015 is the year of Fifth Harmony.
Because they dropped their first album Reflection in the Netherlands last Friday.
I have to admit that I love the album my favorite songs are: Top Down, Bo$$, Sledgehammer, Worth It, This Is How We Roll, Like Mariah, Them Girls Be Like, Reflection and Going Nowhere.


The only thing I hope for Fifth Harmony is that radio stations all over the world will play there music.
Because some radio stations in the Netherlands aren’t that enthusiastic when a girl group release new music and the label asked the station the play that music.
But I think that the label will promote the group in the right way so they will connect with the people that will over Fifth Harmony’s music.

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