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From electrocute some birds to share pictures

I wanna show you a few apps for Apple, Windows phone and Android.
I try the apps and if I like them you will see the apps here.
The apps that I try are all free.
There aren’t only games or social apps that I tried.
I search on the different App stores to find new or not yet very popular apps.
Click on the link to see which apps I tried.

Dumb Ways to die
You maybe have seen the commericial from Metro.
They sing a song with some dumb ways to die.
There is an app made to get interactive with the audience.
Don’t you have seen they commercial?


The fun part on the app is that you should prevent that the caracters die.
It’s not a big game instead you get allot of mini games.
And the further you get, the faster it goes.
You can download it for your Iphone or Ipad on the app store.

Bird Zapper!
This is a game when your waiting for your friend in a clothing store.
A very entertaining game but my advice: Don’t play this game too long.
It´s a easy game and you must swipe a line with 3 or more birds to electrocute.
How much further you get you get more options to electrocute the birds with more points.
You can download this game for Ipod/Ipad and for the Android devices.

Turbo Racing League
In the United States is July 17 the premiere from the movie Turbo.
A Dreamworks animation about a snail who wants to race.
And for some promotion there is a Turbo race game.
You can download the game for Iphone/Ipod, Android devices and for the Windows phone.


Most of the people that share their photo’s are using Instagram.
But after a couple of updates from FxCamera you can share you photo’s with this app too.
The differences about the apps are:
– FxCamera made a couple of standard tags [Outdoor, Travel, Food, Me, Fashion etc.]
– If you made a picture on Instagram you must cropping the picture, and if you wanna share the same picture on FxCamera you don’t have to do that.
– FxCamera had more and different filters than Instagram.
These points are the biggest differences.

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