Fun way to exercise #1

Most of the people don’t like to exercise.
But I wanna show you a couple of ways to get healthy and fit.
Because since last august I fell in love to exercise with the workout: Run or running.
When I talk to people about to get to the gym or do another workout.
Almost everyone say: it isn’t fun to do that.
So I want to help you to move but in a fun way.
Click on the link below to read and see what I have prepared for you!

I want to start with Jump Rope!
When I was little boy I really like to jump rope with my mother.
And this is a really fun way to train your legs, belly, arms and chest.
Its also not the most expensive sports to do.
I buyed a rope for 7 euros. So run to the nearest sport shop and buy one.
But you must look at the type of rope you buy.
Because some ropes are better to use inside and others can used inside and outside.
The one that I have has a swr inside so you can enjoy the rope longer.
If a man from 75 kilos jumps 10 minutes (120 skips per minute) he consumes about 130 calories.

I’ll give you a couple of tips:
– to see if the rope has the right lenght. You put your feet in the middle of the rope.
When the endings come near your armpits you have the right length jump rope.
– Tighten the rope especially from your wrists while jumping. And put you hands at your hips (keep 5 centimeters distance between them.)
– take enough rest after your first workout, your muscles and joints get used to the workout.
– Ask your friends, family to get their own jump rope because you have more fun if you do the workouts together.
– Change the way of jumping off to keep it fun.
If you don’t have inspiration to do a workout on your own.
The also a couple of apps for Ios and Android to help you to get the right workout.


This is the Jump Rope Workout app that you only can use on Ios.
The app counts the calories, jumps and time while you do the workout.

Fitivity is the Jump rope workout app that you can use for Android and for IOS.
They show you how to do a workout but you need to track whether you’ve done the workout.
What I really like about this app is that you can see how the different exercises go. The only thing you have to do is watch the videos.

So get your Jump rope and do this 10 minute workout:

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