Fun ways to exercise #4

I’ll try to write this post in English because I see that allot of international people want to read this.
This time I introduce to you: Running
If you talk about running you hear 2 different types of opinions.
The first person you hear hates running and thinks that it’s ridiculous to go outside and run a couple of kilometers.
And the other person that really loves running because you burn allot of calories and see something from you neighborhood.

If you read the rest of the posts I’ll show you the most easiest and convenient app to use if you start running.
I give you some tips to get started and the best techniques to get in shape or to pump up your condition.

If you start to run you have it nice and easily. Even though you train slow and a short time it always has a positive effect on you condition.
So you can start very easy in the first 2 months. In order to avoid an injury.

It can be hard and difficult to make the distance longer. But after a couple of weeks it gets easier to run the distance.
It’s not only the condition improvement but also mentally, because you know that you can run the longer distance. Think about this next tips if you want to stop:

– Read and talk about running. So you know the effects of sports for your body and mind.
– suggest achievable goals. Every achieved goal motivates you!
– If you have a bad condition take your time to achieve your goals.
And if you are heavy take it slow, because overweight can overload you muscles, tendons and joints.You can do a walk workout instead of a run workout.
– Before you start your run workout you have to do a warming-up and cooling-down.
– Learn to listen to your body. And do something with the signals that you body gives you.
– Especially starting runners may have problems with proper breathing.
Regularly the way you breath while you do your workout make allot of progress. Not only your muscles become stronger while your workout, even you lungs develop.

Clothing and shoes are also very important when you start to run.
If you want a good shoe to run with you have to start watch a couple of shoes from 40 till 220 euros.
You have to try the shoes and there are special run shops. If you take you old sport shoe they can see the position of your foot.
So you can buy the right shoe. With a good shoe you can provide allot of injuries.

Back in the days it was normal to run with old clothing. A to large sweater and a sweatpants that isn’t that comfortable.
Nowadays you have very trendy clothes for every budget. At the H&M to the brands like Nike, Adidas etc.
This is my sport outfit. No old clothes just special clothing for my workouts.

2014-07-20 17.41.12

If you want to see how you make you progress. Use a App.
You have allot of different apps some for free and others for a little price.
If I do my run workout I use the Runkeeper app.
It’s for free and you can use for allot of different workouts like: Cycling, to walk, skating and more outside sports.
You can share your results with your friend on Facebook and Twitter.
The app keeps track of the distance that you run, the calories that you’ve burned, and how long it takes to run 1 kilometer/mile.

So you have the app, shoes and clothing.
Now you can start to run.
But here an example of a good warming-Up.


If you start running you must take control of your breath.
Because when your exhausted you can’t run any longer.
Try to take a breath through your mouth. And when you inhale breathe through your lower abdomen.
So you can run much longer. And it’s also easier to take control of your breath.

Another tip is run with good music!
Because you get excited and if you want to test if you have the right speed with running.
And you could test that if you sing with the lyrics.
If you can sing with the lyrics and you can run the same speed than you did before.
You have the right speed!

After allot of tips and some advice to start running you must be ready for a good workout. If you have any other tips or advice let me know in the comments below!

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