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George the Poet [Upcoming Artist]

George Mpanga (born 14 January 1991), better known by his stage name George the Poet, is a British spoken word artist with an interest in social and political issues.
Mpanga was born in London and began performing rap and grime when he was 15 years old.
He attended Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet and studied politics, psychology and sociology at King’s College, Cambridge, where he decided to adapt his rap output into poetry to communicate more effectively with his audience.
Mpanga said, “I think rappers are primarily expected to make money for the industry and provide party soundtracks, but obviously there are exceptions and grey areas. The poet’s ‘role’ is usually to provide thoughtful social commentary”.


In May 2012, he premiered the piece “My City”, about his hometown London. Subsequently, BBC Radio 1 selected him as the face of their Hackney Weekend (in June 2012), and Sky Sports F1 commissioned him to write poems for their coverage of the 2012 Formula One season and the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix. After that he signed to the record label Island Records in August 2013.
In October 2014, Mpanga released the EP The Chicken and the Egg and the single “1,2,1,2”.
He also been shortlisted for the Critics’ Choice category at the 2015 BRIT Awards.

What the text above already said but really true is that his music is with a message.
But at the same time it’s very catchy and get stuck in your head.
He is very creative and he use allot of sounds or things that you can recognize from your daily life.


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