Go see the doctor!

Last Monday I must get ride of my wisdom tooth.
If you asked me a couple of years ago if the dentist can take them out.
I was scared as hell but when the denist said to me that he must take out my wisdom tooth, my toughts where: Okay, let do it!
And sometimes you know that something unexpected will come but you don’t want to think about it.

I waited 2 weeks before my wisdom tooth will scopped out of my mouth.
Almost every person is scared to get out of his comfert zone.
Because everything that you know and do is save and nothing unexpected will happen.
I see it in my family with different things or by myself at the denist with my wisdom tooth and in the hostpital where my mole was removed.
And most times you are scared that it will hurt, (I can’t lie to you) but sometimes it hurts terrible but you get over it.

Like my husband he had an Hernia
he was scared to take his medicine and to lay down on the couch or in bed.
Earlier in this post I talk about that you must go further with your life and that you get over the pain.
But you must listen to your body because if you don’t listen to it.
And if you don’t do that your body will let you listen to him.
Your body had his own alarm system and it send you allot of pain or something if it doesn’t work how it actually should work.

My husband had a operation and is recovering.
But he must be careful of his body of the rest of his life.

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