Guardians of the Galaxy [Review]


2 weeks ago I went to the cinema with my husband.
It took some time to convince him to go with me to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.
Because he doesn’t like that kind of movies.
And because I had an amazing time while I was in the cinema.
I want to write a review about the movie.
I’ll give you a review how I see that the movie was.
And I give you a couple of reasons why you should watch this movie and why you shouldn’t.
If you lived under a rock for the last couple of months. Watch the trailer below.


Why you should watch the movie
When I saw the trailer for the first time I was impressed.
Because it’s not a typical superhero movie and how great the main character is.
They’re on the edge being a super hero or anti hero
And the characters aren’t best friends or lovers from each other.
So you see the character become a team while you watch the movie.

The music they use is old school. Music from the 70’s!
And during the movie you hear parts of the songs. You know the music so you recognize the music.
I like the way that one of the characters had the Awesome Mixtape Part 1 and they used the title for the official soundtrack with of course the same music.

Why you also watch this movie are Groot and Rocket!
The living tree and talking raccoon are so funny and you gonna like them after seeing the movie.
Every character has allot of humor but Groot and Rocket steal the show!
Because Groot is a big guy and the words he only say are: I Am Groot.
But the way he moves with his body fits perfect for this movie.
And I laughed so hard with some scenes!
Rocket is a sarcastic animal that was used for experimental surgeries.
So he can talk and walks like a human being.

Another think that I really liked about the movie are the special effects.
The animation from Groot and Rocket are amazing but also the whole universe and the space ships are very well made.

If you liked the other Marvel movies you must see this movie.
Because the story line explained allot of the mystery of the Marvel universe.
Next year Marvel will release the movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and in 2016 the third Captain America movie.
If you want to be up to date about how it works in the Marvel Universe? Watch this movie!

My conclusion why you should watch this movie: The humor, the music and the story line, Special effects, to be up to date.


Why you shouldn’t watch the movie
If you don’t like a super hero or fantasy movie you shouldn’t watch this movie.
My husband isn’t a fan of this type of movies.
But what he didn’t liked was the story line and the weird names they use.
The whole feeling isn’t realistic and if you don’t like fantasy movie you will probably didn’t like this movie.

I don’t have other arguments why you shouldn’t watch this movie.
Have you other arguments let me know or have you watched the movie and you have other things you liked? Let me know in the comment section below what your thoughts are.

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