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Hemlock Grove [Netflix]


Since last year I have a subscription on Netflix.
When I saw the lists with documentaries and series I don’t where I start watching.
But since I started with a couple of movies and series I was ready to see (almost) everything that Netflix offers.
So if you have a subscription on Netflix and you don’t know where to start I will help you.

Hemlock Grove is one of the strangers of the Netflix Original Series.
This series is so must different then other series that you can watch on Netflix that I really liked it.
Hemlock Grove starts with a weird scene that one of the main characters have a sexual act in a car.
Know you can say that isn’t very strange because allot of people can do that in a car.
But how longer you are watching this scene you see that Roman Godfrey has a fascination for blood.
Yes you are watching a Horror/Thriller series.
Another thing that really helped picking this series where that Famke Janssen is one of the Dutch actresses that works in the US and I love (almost) every movie where she played in.

The story of this series is about Roman Godfrey and his strange family.
In the first episodes you will see how the relationships between the family members are. But the real truth will be told at the end of the series. So if you want to know something about Roman, his mother or Shelly you must see every episode!
Peter Rumancek is the other main character of the series. his family and the family of Roman Godfrey aren’t really good friends. But he and Roman become friends in season 1.
What you also see in the first episode is that one of the girl students was killed in a horrible way. Peter and Roman work together to shed light on the case while also hiding their own dark secrets.


The only thing that I can say about the series is that you don’t see it as a realistic series because sometimes someone will die and in the next episode that person is back to life. So you must use your imagination while you watch Hemlock Grove.
If you start watch this series on Netflix you can watch 2 seasons with season 1 13 episodes and season 2 10 episodes.
Later this year you can watch season 3 on Netflix, but the actual release date is still unclear.

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