In love with Evy!

No i’m not divorced from my husband.
And no i’m not feel attracted to women! But I love Evy Gruyaert how she get allot of people running down the streets.
If you follow me on twitter you probably have seen that I start with running.
So I started but I can’t do it on my own, and If you life in the Netherlands or Belgium you know about which person I talk about.

I talk about Evy Gruyaert she is a presenter at a Belgium TV channel and a running coach.
She released the first podcast in 2006 (and released an update in 2011) and the last year it’s a huge success in the Netherlands and Belgium.

And if you life outside of Belgium or the Netherlands you probably think: Who on earth is that woman.
And why do you run with her on you earphone?
What I like about the whole ‘Start to Run’ podcast is that she says what you must do: ‘After 10 seconds you can start to run.’ Or ‘Keep it up! You have another minute run and you do it very well!!’
Interspersed with uptempo music as you have to run and quieter music to walk on.

After 10 weeks you can run 5 kilometers.
And after that you can start with the podcast Keep running, so you can run 10 kilometers after 20 weeks!
But she made a schedule so you can build up your fitness.
At the first training you run 1 minute and walk 1 minute.
So she will increase the pressure by letting you run longer and walk out.

Now I just did lesson No. 6 and the longest run I did was 3 minutes.
It’s hard but I love it.
But I must say almost every training I cheat a little bit because I have allot of energy.
And I run a couple of minute longer than Evy said to me.
Sorry Evy!
You probably think, Oh you don’t care about your health.
Yes I definitely care about my health and listen to by body how it reacts after a training.
But I’m someone who wants to push his limits every time!

Tuesday Run
If you wanna see how far I run etc. follow me on

I have 10 tips on how to sustain to move:
1. Choose an exercise activity that you enjoy doing.
2. Choose a fixed day and time so that moving become a habit.
3. Plan activities in the company of a family member, friend (s) or neighbors.
4. Take regular exercise variety in the types of activities you do. Try something new.
5. Set your goals too high. Start with small changes and build up slowly.
6. Keep a diary. This immediately shows you results.
7. Reward yourself occasionally if you have sustained your exercise activities.
8. Listen to your body’s signals. Pain is a sign to stop and seek medical advice.
9. Skipping once is not very. Look at the long-term results and continue with your planned activities.
10. Insert each time the amount you will save by not using the car in a piggy bank. Spend this money on a (sports) trip you want to do.

Do you do sports? And what kind of sports do you do?
Let me know on twitter or in the comment section below.

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