Is there a magic spell for a good relationship?

Do you have a relationship?
If you said yes to the question. You must admit that it’s very difficult to work for the relationship.
If you click on the link below you can read my opinion about a relationship.

And the first years are not that difficult because you feel the love in your belly.
But when you think: I wanna share the rest of my life with him/her.
You can move to another house with each other.
And when your life together for one week you’re bothering about the bad habits from the other person.
You gonna ignore it but there is a time that you must say what’s on your mind.

The first big fight about what the person did wrong is a big one and it must finish with good sex.
And how more often you are arguing with your lover the wiser you become.
Because you don’t wanna shout bad language to each other.

And when you survived this period.
You loved your partner enough to spent allot of years together.
When you hear from other couples what is the best advise to give.
But they say: You must communicate with each other. Or have allot of sex.
Or keep doing fun stuff so you keep the relationship healthy.
And when you followed their advise that won’t guarantee that you life together until you die.
A relationship isn’t only about what you want or what the other person want.
But you must find the middle course so you are both (a little) satisfied how it goes.

There is no guarantee, magic spell or rule to hold on.
You must search for your own way to love each other even though you life together for almost 6 years.
It’s hard but you must have faith in him/her that he/she is the one for the rest of your life.

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