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Jelly Jump, Trivia Crack, Stickman Rush and Make Up Genius

It’s been a while since I’ve showed you a couple of Apps or Games that are popular on different platforms like Android or iOS.
This time I have 3 games and an app that can be useful if you want to try new make up.
So read and watch everything about these apps.

Jelly Jump [Android / iOS]
Little jellies need you more than ever before! They keep drowning over and over again.
Only you can keep them safe…
Jump higher, survive longer and never give up!
Collect little jelly blobs and craft new jellies out of them. Challenge your friends in this ambitious game!

I’ve tried this game but this game is hard!
It’s difficult and very frustrating at the same time.
I think that some people can throw their phones or tablet through the room. Have you played this game?


Trivia Crack [Android / iOS]
Trivia Crack is the international smash hit game that pits friend against friend in different categories to determine who has the most trivia knowledge.
And it’s FREE! Each of the six categories (Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History) has a corresponding character, and the game is won by being the first to obtain all six.
Give Willy the Wheel a spin and let chance decide which category you get!

This game is very funny and hard at the same time because you must know allot of the world in different categories.
The fun part is that you can play the game with your friends. It’s the online version of Trivial Pursuit so if you’re good in that game this must be easy.


Stickman Rush [Android / iOS]
The traffic is very bad today!
Drive your stickman’s vehicle through highway traffic, jump over the obstacles, and change lanes to avoid the other cars.
Collect coins to unlock new vehicles. How far can you go ?

This game is like a couple others popular games at the moment.
You must get through the traffic without hit something or someone.
It a good game if you must wait for the train or when you’re shopping with someone that has to fit allot of clothes.


Make Up Genius[Android / iOS]
This app is an app for the people that love beauty.
You can try the different types of make up.
This is an app that is created by the make up company L’Oreal.
I’ve tried the app and I must say they did an good job, but sometimes the app thinks that my eyes are higher or lower so the make up wasn’t at the right place.


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