Let’s Play!, Morning Mail and 1 Second Everyday

Today I have 3 different apps that you must like.
This are apps that are useful in your daily life.
So Let me explain the next 3 apps and let me know if you download one of them.

Let’s Play!
It’s a App that a couple of Dutch people made.
Let’s Play! connects you to local people who want to play sports. Select which sports you like. We will let you know when someone around you organizes an event. It’s also possible to create events yourself.


I think that this app could be very useful because sometimes you wanna play a team sport but your friends aren’t at home or don’t want to play football or another team sport.
So you can find people on this app that want to play the same sports as you.
The only negative side of this app is that you only can download the app on your iPhone or other device with iOS.

iOS / Android

Morning Mail
Almost every person with an Smartphone sees his phone just after he/she woke up.
But if you see the notification bar you have allot of mail.
So with the app Morning Mail you see only a preview of the mail.
If you want to see the mail later, after you put you clothes on you only have to swipe to the right.
And if you have spam mail or mail that you don’t want to read you swipe to the left.


It works like the dating app Tinder or other apps like that.
It’s simple and very handy.
If you want to download the app you have to wait, but you can put you mail address on the mailing list.
You get a mail if you can download the app. Click here to put you on the mail list.

1 Second Everyday
It’s very normal to make a selfie.
And to make a video with your phone.
But the creator of this next app thought that he can put it to the next level.
He makes 1 second videos for a year and want to share it with you.
Not his videos but the way he makes them.


You can put snippets of your videos and place them on your calendar.
So you can watch the video if you way further in your life.
And you don’t forget what you did in the past.

iOS / Android

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