Movie by Candlelight #1

It’s almost October and it’s not 30 degrees outside anymore.
So it’s time to go inside and get comfortable on your couch.
You can watch a TV program with your friend or lover but a good or spectacular movie isn’t that bad.
Grab your plaid from the couch, light the candles, and watch/read everything about the next movies that I recommend.
I call it: Movie by candlelight
I will often come up with a new list of movies I recommend.
And it wouldn’t only be romantic movies but also horror or action movies.
Or only just released movies because older movies can also be really good!

But I wanna start with some feel good movies.
Most of the movies go like:
Everything is okay but you see some characters with some problems.
Then everything went wrong and with wrong I mean really wrong.
And a couple of scenes you think it will get better but it isn’t.
And the scene after that everything is already and even better than in the beginning. And everyone lives happily ever after.

These movies are movies that you must watch when you feel bad or sad.
The movie will make you smile or feel better.
Have I missed a movie that must be on this list? Let me know on twitter or below in the comment section.
Enjoy the movies!

United Stated
Animated / Science fiction
98 minutes

Directed by Andrew Stanton
With the voices from Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight and Jeff Garlin

I really like the movie Wall-E and it’s a feel good movie in every aspect.
I picked the movie Wall-E but I can pick almost every Disney movie because they wanna give you a good feeling.
And in almost every movie it ends with a good feeling.
First you see the sad Wall-E all by himself on the deserted world.
And the strict Eve comes to earth to find some that looks like a plant.
It’s a weird love story but heartwarming!


50 first dates
50 first dates
United States
Comedy / Romance
99 minutes

Directed by Peter Segal
With Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and Rob Schneider

This is a kind of weird feel good movie.
Because you must like the humor or you don’t like the movie.
What I like about the movie is that the storyline of the movie isn’t a standard story.
And that is the funny twist about the movie.
Definitely a feel good movie.


The Artist
The Artist
France / Belgium / United States
Romance / Comedy
100 minutes

Directed by Michel Hazanavicius
With Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo and John Goodman

A silent movie made in 2011.
And because you watch the body language and their countenance it’s a movie where you can put your own thoughts on.
This is a typical movie where everything went wrong and everything is good at the end of the movie.


United States
Adventure / Science fiction
115 minutes

Directed by Steven Spielberg
With Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore and Robert MacNaughton

This is a classic feel good movie.
About a weird creature that landed on our planet.
When you watch the movie you you get a smile but also a tear.
And even in 2013 it’s definitely a must see movie!


Pursuit of Happiness
The Pursuit of Happiness
United States
117 minutes

Directed by Gabriele Muccino
With Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Thandie Newton

This movie is based on a true story.
And Will Smith and his son played the characters very well.
In the first couple of scenes you feel sorry for them.
But minute by minute it’s getting better with father and son.
What I really like and love about the movie is that you see and feel the connection between father and son.
And how Will Smith is fighting for his son.


Young @ Heart
Young @ Heart
United Kingdom
Documentary/ Music
109 minutes

Directed by Stephen Walker

This a a feel good documentary about older people that normally don’t listen to rock music.
But this group will show you that even on their age you can accomplice big things.
Watch this documentary and you have a good feeling.


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