Must See List: October

This time I post earlier in the month a list of movies that you must see!
And this month I have 4 different movies a Sci-Fi, a Action movie, a history lesson and a movie about a woman that is lost.

Dracula Untold
But first I start with the movie Dracula Untold.
If you love a Sci-Fi-ish movie that can like the movie.
It’s about a king that wants to defied his enemy.
He must become Dracula and because of that he can defied anyone?

Gone Girl
Normally I don’t like Ben Affleck when he plays in a movie.
But this time I curious about his new movie.
Because it’s a serious role and he plays a person that become wanted because he can murdered his wife.
But the question is where is she and is she dead?

It’s a cast with star actors with Brad Pitt and returning actor Shia LaBeouf.
Logan Lerman plays a soldier that just started in the army.
He become one of the crew in the tank Fury.
When the film progresses he struggled with allot of issues but after a long time he and the other crew members of Fury must fight against 300 German soldiers.
There are allot of special effects and it looks really good except the shooting parts where it looks like firework.
But I think that this movie will be one of the movies that you must see this month.

This movie isn’t a typical action or romantic movie.
It’s about U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mine workers in the summer of 1984.
And when they have the money they want to bring the money personal to the miners.
I think that this is a very interesting movie to see and I will watch this movie definitely when it’s on Demand.
What like to see in the trailer is the mix of humor and serious side, and prejudices about Gay and lesbian persons.

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