Must See List: September

Last month I made a list with movies that I want to see.
And last month I post it in Dutch language.
So I decided to make a list but now in English.

There are new movies in the cinema every month.
So I watch the list of new movies and pick the movies that I really want to see.
And this month I have 2 movies.
I will explain why I want to see this movie.

The Maze Runner is one of the next adventure movies that is based on a novel.
After Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games and Divergent there is a new movie The Maze Runner.
I didn’t read the book instead of the Hunger Games and Divergent.
But I’m very excited to watch this movie.
It has something mysterious and that’s was I really like about this kind of movies.
Allot of action, a little tension and a big escape out of something.

Another movie that I really wanted to see is the: The Equalizer.
Normally I don’t really like this kind of movies but the story (what is told in the trailer) makes me excited and wanted to see the whole movie.
Just the the mix of the Action, and the main characters makes it interesting.

What are the movies that you wanted to see for this month?
Let me know in the comment section below!


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