My to do list

Every person had his own to do list (Or do you call it a Bucket list?) before he/she die.
And I wanna show you a part from my to do list.
A few things that I had on my to do list I already achieved: I hava a husband and I have my own pet (a kitty cat ;)) and have lovely friends/family.
So click on the link below to read it

When you read a To Do list from a other person you can have your thoughts.

1. The first thing on my To do list is a Tattoo.
I wanna have a tattoo for a couple of years.
But I was searching for the best and matching tattoo.
And a year ago I was searching on the internet and I found it!


This is the tattoo that I want.
So that the first thing on my to do list.

2. The second thing on my list is to have my drivers licence.
And if you read my previous blog you know that I achieved my drivers licence.
So the second thing can I remove from the list.
If you asked my a couple years ago If I wanna have my drivers licence.
Than I wasn’t enthusiastic about the whole thing.
I wasn’t scared but I did not care.

3. The third thing on my to do list is to make a trip to Bali.
I read and saw allot about the island.
It has beautiful beaches and the nature is also beautiful.
It’s also a trip that I wanna make with my husband because I was planned as a honeymoon.
Bali isn’t the only trip that I wanna make.
I wanna see the rest of the world especially China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and the other country’s on (South) America.


4. The fourth thing on the list is to have children.
And i’m gay so it’s not the easiest thing on the list.
It’s very expensive to only get the children from another country to the Netherlands.
And I know that it’s not the most achievable thing on the list.
Maybe I won’t accomplish it but it’s a dream for me.

5. The fifth thing on the list is to go to a concert from Beyoncé
Okay it’s sounds very weird but i’m a kind of fan from her music.
So I have almost every DVD and CD but one of my wishes is to go to a concert from her.
Because her stage presents are so good and she surprised the fans very show again.


This were 5 things from my to do list.
And the most of the things are achievable and others not.
But the future will tell which thing on the list I can do.
But whats on your to do list?
Let me know on twitter or leave your to list on the comment section below!

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