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Omi [Upcoming Artist]

Omar Samuel Pasley better known as Omi is a Jamaican singer.
He released his first single Cheerleader back in 2012.
In 2014 the German DJ and music producer Felix Jaehn made a mix of the song and Sony Music released the song as the Felix Jaehn Remix.
This was a very good decision because is become a big hit in:
Australia, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.


I think that Omi can be one of the biggest break out music artist from 2015.
But it depends how he will bring new music to the radio stations and the fans.
Because when Cheerleader isn’t a big hit anymore he must release a new single.
And it must be a good one because it’s really hard for an artist to release a second single after the big first hit.
Omi can be one of the new big stars because he made music with different genres like Pop and reggae.
Not only Omi is responsible for the new single. But Sony Music must check all the options to make the right choice.

In the last couple of months I posted every Sunday about an artist that I think could be one of the break out music artist. Next week you will get a new Top 5!

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