Oz the Great and Powerful [review]

When you start the movie you first thoughts are: What kind of quality is this movie?
Because the story before Oz flew away in the earlier years from 20th century

The creators from this movie take you with them in the story from the movie.
They introduce every caracter in the first 15 minutes after Oz landed in another dimension.
You might think who is the good and bad side is the story get a twist.
And after the twist you really know who is on which side.
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Mister Oz isn’t the smartest person in the world.
He lied to every almost everyone since he crashed into the land….
And my thoughts are: Come on man! Tell them the truth.
Because after every lie he made it more worse then the time before.

But he changed and made a comeback.
I won’t tell you more about the whole story.
You must watch the movie by yourself.


Why should you watch this movie?
If you loved the original Wizard of Oz you must love this movie too.
The special effects and animations are great and the different twists are well made.
When you love movies where the caracters and the whole movie are outragous you must love this movie.
I think that the intention from this movie must be the story before the Wizard of Oz.

Why shouldn’t you watch this movie?
I said that the story from the movie is good but sometimes in the movie you think:
Okay, that’s too predictable. Or that’s too easy.
Because in some scenes mister Oz does a attack and and that’s going to easy.
The trend from the last couple of years is that allot of different fairy tales are translated to a much darker movie.
And if you expect that this a similar type movie is.
then you’ll be disappointed, it’s a colorful movie but not dark.
And that I missed in this movie.

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