Plot Twits / New Start


It’s May 14th and I want to tell you a story about my life.
Last March I posted a blog about children and how the future can change as a gay person.
But not only Children can change your future also husbands can change it.

But the last month since April 13th my life changed.
Because my husband and I had issues and we had allot of conversations about our feelings to each other.
And how we see the future with or without each other.
On April 13th my husband said that his feelings for me were gone.
We took a break for 2 weeks to think about our life together and if we want to be together again.

The 2 weeks were a hell because my mind had allot of thoughts.
Both positive and negative, like that I want to be with him but something has to change.
And on the other side my thoughts said that I had to choose for myself.
I talked with allot of friends about my thoughts and the problems we had.
And all of my friends said that I must choose the side that I want to pick.
After the 2 weeks we spoke with each other and we choose to be friends instead of husbands from each other.
It was a very difficult decision and the 2 days after I cried allot.
We also had to arrange many things for our divorce and to sell our house.

Now i’m very busy to make decisions by myself and what I want with my life.
I meet new people and made new friends. Now I’m very positive how every went and want to make a new start with my life.
For me it’s very hard to keep up the blog and I needed some time to get my emotions back on track.
I will be back this Monday with new updates. I want to try new things.
I hope that you will come back on May 18th to watch the new updates.

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