Retry, On The Line, Stick Hero and Do Not Crash

It’s almost Winter and you’ll spend most of the time on your cough.
I post allot of different movies what you can watch at home.
But this time I’ll show you a couple of different apps that you can download for your phone or tablet.
Most of the apps are available for Android and iOS.
If you want to download the apps read below for which operating systems you can download the App.

Retry [Android / iOS]
Rovio created the amazing and very popular game Angry Birds.
But this time they created a new app for Android and iOS.
It’s a retro game but a old airplane.
The game is simple but very hard at the same time.
Because you make loopings and you can’t touch anything and must fly to the next stop.

On The Line [Android / iOS]
This next App is the second game that is very easy and very addictive.
You use only one finger when you play this game.
The only thing you have to do is follow the track.
And don’t hit to any obstacles or to the side of the track.
If you have an iOS device you can download the app for free.
Do you have a Android device you must pay € 0,89 euro.
On the Android App store are allot of other apps that are almost the same as this App so you must search if you don’t want to pay for this app.

Stick Hero [Android / iOS]
In this game you are a ninja that have to go to the other side of the cliff.
You use your finger the make a stick so you can reach to the other side.
The only problem with this game is that you have to be very precise how long your stick will be.
If it’s to long you will fall and give it another try.

Do Not Crash [Android / iOS]
The last game of this post is one of my favorites at the moment.
It’s just like the other games very addictive but you must be aware that you can be frustrated when you fail allot of times.
You only use one finger to tap on the screen when you have to change from lanes.
The only rule from this game is like the game title said: Don’t crash into the other cars.

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