Identity Thief [Review]


Last week I saw the movie Identity Thief.
It’s a American crime comedy film directed by Seth Gordon, written by Craig Mazin.
Starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.
The film tells a story about a man who gets his identity stolen by a woman.
On this review you read my opinion about the movie, and I wanna show you why you should watch this movie.
And why shouldn’t watch this movie.
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And the last thing: Have you seen this movie?
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The first couple of minutes you see how Diana (Melissa McCarthy) life is.
And when she called Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) saying someone attempted to steal his identity.
She tells him about an identity protection service and asks him for his name, date of birth, and social security number.

And that’s where the movie really start.
The first part from the movie you see that Diana copied allot of identity’s and used special equipment to copy the identity’s.
Than you see how Sandy Patterson lives he and his family must pay attention for where they spend their money.

A little while later, Sandy tries to get gas, but his card is declined for insufficient funds and the gas station clerk cuts it up.
He calls the credit card company and he’s told he’s spent a lot of money in Florida. As this happens, he gets arrested. At the same time in Florida, Diana continues splurging with Sandy’s money.
At a police station, Detective Reilly tells Sandy that he missed a court date in Florida for assault.
They pull up a mug shot of Diana and determine she’s stolen Sandy’s identity.

It gets worse at work when Daniel (now his boss) says cops are asking about him possessing drugs.
Reilly and other cops show up and say a card with Sandy’s name was used to buy drugs from a man named Paolo.
When told they can’t do anything unless the identity thief was standing there in Denver with them, Sandy (knowing where he can find her) offers to go on his own and bring her there and get her to talk to Daniel to clear his name and that he won’t press charges.

Sandy Patterson had one week to get Diana to Denver.
He ends up in Florida and finds Diana at the salon where she made an appointment and follows her.
After confronting her on the road she manages to steal his rental car. He obtains her address through registration in her abandoned car and goes to Diana’s house, which is full of merchandise and other stolen credit cards.

But Sandy isn’t the only person that is searching for Diana.
Marisol and Julian are two henchmen from a drugs dealer.
The dealers want his money back because Diana don’t pay for the drugs.
The bounty hunter is also searching for Diana.
And he’s a though guy and will continue until he gets her.

Sandy wants to travel by airplane.
But Diana doesn’t had a ID card or something like that.
Only a ID with the same data as Sandy Patterson.
So Sandy changed his plans and will ride to Denver.
The ride to Denver isn’t a quite one.
They get trouble from the bounty hunter, Marisol and Julian.

I wanna tell you how the rest from the movies goes.
But than I reveal to much information.
Before I watched this movie I had my thoughts about it.
But when I saw the last minute from it my thoughts where gone.
The story behind the whole movie is who is bad and who isn’t.
And what can you learn from each other when someone is bad and the other not.

Why should you watch this movie?
Because it’s a funny movie to watch when you bored of when you wanna see a movie to laugh.
And it isn’t a movie about a love couple or about friends with weird feelings.
The new angle of incidence was very funny and very new for me.
The writers from the movie had write allot of great jokes and the actors play the roles very good.
And in some other movies you already guest what will happened next.
Maybe you will guest it but every new scene you see things what you’re not expected.

And why shouldn’t you watch this movie?
In some scene’s you see thing and than you think:
That can’t happen in real life.
And that is a thing that become irritated.
There are no other reasons why you shouldn’t watch this movie.

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