Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life [Review]

Last weekend I saw the first 5 episodes from the reality show from Ke$ha.
Before I had watched the show I had my thoughts about the show.
But I really enjoyed the show.
You see Ke$ha in all her emotions. It´s very personal.
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The image that Ke$ha has is a very ‘filthy’ girl that had no attention for how her career goes and what people say about her.
But that is a very distorted image. She is a very concerned person and she checked every detail on her tour or on her new album Warrior.

The thing I love about the show is, she shows every emotion.
And how touched she is when a certain blogger talks about her.
One moment he said that he loved her show and her songs and the other moment he said the she´s stupid and better quit with her career.
The second thing I really love about her is that she had a big connection with her fans.
In the next video you see a fan, he’s been bullied on school.
And he get inspired and get strength to be who he is.


And of course she is a little crazy but it Ke$ha.
Let her live her life okay? She can party like no other!
The rest of the show you see short parts from her performances.
From her tour and from other festivals all over the world.
With this show you understand her music even more!
I love this show! So you must watch this show to.
Do you live in the USA? You can watch the 6th episode this Tuesday at 11/10c on MTV.
Do you live in the Netherlands? You can watch the show this Sunday at 8pm on MTV


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