Series that I like #1

Last Saturday I posted about Dutch TV series.
But I don´t only watch Dutch series.
So I want to show you which other English series I watch and why I like them.
Because it’s a long list of different series I made 2 posts.
And next week you can read the second part.

America’s Next Top model
Since I was a little boy I watch this kind of shows on television.
But nowadays I watch this show on my computer because I want to be up to date.
If I watch this show on the Dutch television I have to wait.
And if they airing a show they are 3 cycling behind.

I love this kind of shows because all of the drama.
If I alone at home and I’m bored I watch this kind of shows.
America’s Next Top Model isn’t difficult to follow and I can really laugh about the characters in the show.

The Amazing world of Gumball
Okay I’ve got to admit that this is a kids show.
But I really like the humor in the cartoon.
Because I also have that kind of humor and laugh unabashedly
I watch this show on my E-reader in the train.
Because I get very bored in the train and with this show the ride isn’t that boring.
What I also like is that the creators of the cartoon used allot of different types of drawing or made different characters with the computer.

Devious Maids
I saw the first 3 episodes and like to watch this series because of all the drama and hysterical way all the stories are.
It’s not the best series that I ever watched but it’s okay.
And watch the series when there is nothing good on TV is.
Here in the Netherlands the first season aired so I have to catch up.

Modern Family
Who doesn’t like Modern Family.
It’s a typical family nowadays.
The stories are a little bit over the top but very joyful.
There are elements in every episode that are so recognizable.
And that makes Modern Family to a very entertaining series.

A couple of years ago Will & Grace was the big hit on television.
But this is the real 2014 version of the series.
But they added the real life to it because Looking is about being Gay and how you life can be.
The first seasons aired earlier this year and HBO want to make a second season.
If you like humor combined with drama this is the perfect series for you.

Come back next week and you can see 5 other series that I really like!
And let me know on twitter or in the comment section below which series you like and watch all the time.

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