Series That I like #2

Back in August I post a list of series that I like.
But I wanna show you a couple of other series that I also like and watch of course.
If you have series that you like, and that I must watch also.
Let me know in the comment section below. And maybe I’ll watch the series.

New Girl is one of my favorite comedy series.
September 16th will be the start of season 4.
But if you didn’t see the first 3 seasons, just start to watch season 1!
Above you can watch the trailer of the first season.

But let’s be talk about the characters.
Jessica “Jess” Day is a bubbly young woman who teaches at a Los Angeles middle school. Her boyfriend cheated on her so she needs a new house to stay.
So she find Nick, Schmidt, and Winston and moved in to the apartment.

All the characters all different on their own way.
Schmidt is the player is is a ladies man. And it’s hard for him to find true love.
Nick is actually the male version of Jess. He is not a copy but he had some parts that Jess also has.
Nick is very insecure about himself and don’t know what to do with his life.
Think about Love, Work, taking risks etc.
Winston wanted to be a professional basketball player. But he failed and after that he moved back to apartment. In the series he had allot of different jobs most of them were for a short time.
And with all of this characters you see allot of different episode with such funny humor.

Lie to Me
Okay this series stopped already, but I still love this show.
It’s about Dr. Cal Lightman he solves crimes with his team.
But he isn’t a normal police man because he solves crimes to watch the suspect his body language.
The series aired on Fox but the channel canceled the series after 3 seasons.
I thought that the series could be much longer on television but Fox had other thoughts.
Have you seen this series? And are you also disappointed that Fox canceled the show in 2011?

Broadchurch is a mini series from the UK is about a small village.
One night there is a boy murdered.
At the first episode you see how the police find the boy, and how furder you get in the series the more clues you get who murdered the boy.
It’s a weird village with a small number of residents.
And in every episode you think that another person murdered the boy.
So when you see the final episode you thought you knew who did it.
But you thought about the wrong person.
It’s a very exciting series and you want to watch every episode!

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular series of this moment.
If I only see the people on Facebook that watch this series! That are allot of people.
So I started to watch this series just a couple of weeks ago.
I know that later this year the fifth season will premiere so I have allot of episodes to watch.
I’m excited about the series but i’m not that far to say that I understand the story about the walkers.
Maybe I have to watch more episode to find out.

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