Series that I like #3

This one of my favorite and one of my thrilling series.
It’s about the Dutch mafia. How they rule the underworld with drugs, money and blackmail each other.
The different characters aren’t that nice but after her husband is assassinated, housewife Carmen reluctantly has to take charge of the criminal business of her family.
In this series the main character is Carmen, in the three different seasons she started in the criminal business and other times she tries to get out of it.
And in the last season she was out of the business but she get back every time.

What I really like about this series is that is not a typical Dutch series.
It’s thrilling, and in almost every episode of scene some people will die or other people get black mailed.
The ABC made a remake of this Dutch series ‘Black Widow’.
They only remake the first season.
You can see the trailer below.

The Black List
This is my favorite series from 2014.
In the beginning of 2014 I watched the first season and after 2 episodes I was addicted to this series.
The story lines are very good and you have to see every episode to know how everything goes.
Just a difference between the first episode and the last episode of season 1.
Because the first time you see a character you think that they are nice or that he/she is the bad guy.
But everything can changed in this series. And that is was I really like.

The second season of this show is already started and I can’t wait when I can see it in the Netherlands.
So I don’t want to know what will happen this season but I’m very curious.

Is one of the TV series that I like from the start of that series.
Because it’s about real things in life, and real things what happens on a high school.
The last 2 seasons aren’t only about the high school but also about Rachel (one of the main characters) that is moving to New York.
Other characters are moving to New York later in that season.
And then it’s about how they life in New York and go further with there lives.

Another thing about Glee is the music aspects.
Because the creators used allot of different songs and put it in different episodes.
So sometimes a characters sings alone in his/her bedroom, but other times you see a character sing on the streets.
It’s a weird thing because in real life you can’t do that without called weird names!

Luther is different if you compare it with other crime series.
Because sometimes Luther crossed the line about doing the good thing of to the bad thing.

John Luther is a Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) A dedicated police officer, Luther is obsessive, possessed, and sometimes dangerous in the violence of his fixations.
However, Luther has paid a heavy price for his dedication; he has never been able to prevent himself from being consumed by the darkness of the crimes with which he deals.
For Luther, the job always comes first.
His dedication is a curse and a blessing, both for him and those close to him.

And that is what I really like about this BBC series.
You see him struggling with himself and how he wants to do everything right but every time that I tries the do the good thing.
He get also bad things on his side.

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