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Shamir [Upcoming Artist]

You can know Shamir from his first official single ‘On The Regular’.
But he already released an EP called Northtown.
He named the EP after his town where he grew up.
It’s including 5 tracks, but you can describe his music as a distinctive mix of disco and funk with hints of pop “laced with old skool house.
If you listen to his music you have to listen very good to hear that you listen to a manly voice.
This is what he has to say about his voice:

he does not mind having his voice described as androgynous, but notes that “countertenor” is the correct term: “It’s not feminine, it’s not masculine.
It’s a happy medium … I feel like if the world was more like that, our problems would be gone.

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I don’t care about that his voice isn’t the manliest voice on the world.
But it really fits with the style of music that he made.
When Shamir start interesting in music he was 9 years old.
At age nine, Shamir received an Epiphone guitar and Guitar for Dummies and began writing his own music.
At age 16, he formed a punk band with a friend, but the band ended quickly when his partner froze on stage at their first gig.
Shortly after graduating from high school, Shamir sent a demo tape to the Godmode label in New York City.
Godmode signed Shamir and released his debut EP.

On The Regular is a catchy and weird song at the same time.
If you watch the music video you see all the influences from his music, and the way he dress.
I have to say it’s not my style or the way how I dress.
but you can see that thought very well about everything.
The music, his clothing, the music video etc.
I think that we hear allot more from him. And his music.
If you want to support him download his music on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.
Or you can watch him live in North America or Europe. Click Here to buy the tickets.


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