Tattoo Mania

Finally I’ll get a tattoo next month.
It’s in my head for more than a year that I want a tattoo.
so it was a world trip to get a good tattoo artist.
And an artist that isn’t on the other side of the world.
If you follow/read my blog for a while you probably know what I want.
But yesterday I was the design of the tattoo and February 5th I finally get it.

It will be on the side of my leg.
I will see if it really going to hurt that must as people say.
some people think that you’ll be asocial or strange.
Because allot of people don’t understand that there is a message behind the tattoo.
And every person have their own intentions with an tattoo.
My reason is that I want to close a period of my life, Childhood and my puberty.

It depends on the tattoo if I will like it or not.
Because some tattoos are designed so ugly that you don’t recognize what it is.
I will show you what ugly tattoos are so watch the pictures below.

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