The Expectations of Life

Since the day that you were born people had expectations about your comings and goings.
On the first couple of seconds that your were born you must cry otherwise the doctors don’t believe that your alive.
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But in the first couple of years when you grow up your parents, teacher, grand parents, and everyone around you have there expectations.
You must learn to walk, learn to talk and listen to every that talks to you.
In the first 10 years of your life you listen to everyone, but you will try to go across borders.
The expectations on that age will go further and further.
because your parents want you to see that you’re the best and smartest person in your class.

As a child you will find out what the whole sexual experience is.
If you fall in love with a girl or a boy.
Your parents have their expectations because ‘normally’ you fall in love with the opposite sex.
But nowadays you can fall in love with the same sex.

In the age of 12 to let say 18 years old you think that you know all the rules and that you are the smartest person on the planet.
But your parents want you to get to the highest education.
And you as a person and human being have your own opinion and dreams.
Because you probably already know what you want to be when you grown.
But sometimes you have to adjust your expectations as a parent.
That is very difficult because when your child is a little girl or boy, you have the ultimate image in your head.
A beautiful house, a good relationship, a good paying job. You name it.

And if you life together with the person that you really love people think that you must get married or and if your married you must get children.
On my case it’s difficult to get children but I hear friends saying that they hear allot of people around them asking about when they get children.
Sorry maybe they don’t want to have children and stay together and enjoy life without children.

What i’m trying to say is that it’s difficult as a child but also as a parent etc to have expectations about each other.
And if someone don’t make it in your eyes, then the person have failed.
That can be very hard!
The last thing I want to say is, don’t have high expectations and think outside the box if you see someone because it can make life more joyful.

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