The new TV season is coming! [Part 1]

The new television season is almost started.
This week you get allot of new programs and some new seasons from previous released shows.
I will show you my favorite programs that will start very soon.

The digital tv channels are rising and this summer I’ve watched some channels and you also get an update from these channels too.

RTL4 is Dutch largest commercial tv channel.
They will broadcast a new season from the talent show The Voice
It’s already the fifth season and channel switched 2 coaches because they want to focus on their music career.

I wanna introduce you the new coaches.
Ali B he is a Dutch rapper and had some experience in another talent show Xfactor.
He is one of the coaches that is really critically.
But when the channel announced that he is one of the new coaches my thoughts were:
Okay, is this a joke?!

The other new coach is Ilse delange she is a kind of country singer and a loveable singer.
Because she almost smile all the time.
So I hope that she become a little but tougher through the show.
RTL 4 / The Voice of Holland / August 30 / 8.30 pm CEST

Another show that RTL4 is broadcasting is ‘Wie Ben Ik’ [Who am I]
It’s a funny game where you must guess who you are.
You can play it home but normally you have a post-it on your head.
It could be a thing, a person and that kind of stuff.
RTL 4 / Wie Ben Ik / August 31 / 8 pm CEST

A whole new season is coming from the successful Dutch/Belgium version So You Think You Can Dance.
Previous TV season RTL5 brought us a Junior version.
But know the normal version with a new twist.
One of the changes is that the dancers who survive the first round of auditions skip to a new section, called the final auditions.
They need to audition for the second time, and it must be better than their first audition.
But each judge has a golden ticket, and give to a dancer and he/she doesn’t have to audition for the second time.
RTL 5 / So You Think You Can Dance / September 1st / 8 pm CEST

Holland’s Next Top Model not only has a new host, but is undergoing a major transformation in all areas. In this season, the girls really live the life of beginning models. For them usually is not the world of glitz and glamour models, but it means hard work especially with some small successes and overcome disappointments.
RTL5 / Hollands Next Top Model / August 26 / 9.30 pm CEST

One of my favorite programs is finally back.
After a year of waiting is Expeditie Robinson back with a new season.
And this is already season 14!
This season you only have Famous Dutch persons on a deserted island.
On previous seasons you had also Famous Belgium persons but that isn’t anymore.
These persons are dropped on a deserted island, and the only task is:
Survive as long as possible on a desert island!
But they will subjected to severe physical and emotional trials.
RTL5 / Expeditie Robinson / August 29 / 8.30 pm CEST

TLC is one of the digital TV channels that I really love.
And okay i’m not the audience for the channel but I love the programs.
Normally you have the program The Super nanny on ABC [Or EHBO: Eerste Hulp bij opvoeden on RTL4].
But now she’s back on TLC with the show: Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost.
On the Dutch TLC you can watch it on Tuesday evening.
They send the first 2 episodes and this Tuesday you will see the third episode.
I saw the previous episodes and I must say I was really inpressed how Jo Frost does her job.
Because this time it’s not only about the kids, know the parents are also in trouble if Jo Frost is coming.
She is a pit bull if she talks to the parents about their behavior.
TLC / Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost / August 27 / 10 pm CEST


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