The new TV season is coming! [Part 2]

Last week I show you a couple of new programs on different channels.
And this it’s time for Part 2 because there are some changes on TV
Click on the link below to read all about it.

RTL5 will introduce 3 new programs to start your evening with.
They broadcast 3 new shows: Tattoo Stories, Strapped for Cash [Even krap bij Kas] and 112 Eyewitness.
At Tattoo Stories you will see a couple of tattoo artists with their daily job, and the stories behind the tattoo’s.

Strapped for Cash is a show where you see the daily affairs of different
People who need quick cash, see this often as the last step.

112 Eyewitness is like that show 911 emergencies.
Every day there are numerous emergency calls from within your local emergency number 112.
The new reality program 112 Eyewitness highlights the emotional and violent stories behind these
Victims, witnesses and offenders do their story.

ID [Investigation Discovery]
Is a digital TV channel and is a subsidiary channel of Discovery Channel.
The programs they broadcast have one theme: Crime.
And you will see it in the most different ways:
Couples who Kill, I Almost Got Away With It, I Married a Mobster, Nightmare Next door, Who on Earth Did I Married? or On the Case with Paula Zahn.
They have allot more programs but this is just a small part from it.
If you have digital TV you can find the channel on the section where Discovery channel also is.


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