The positive side from being Gay/ a Homosexual!

If you hear people about gay people they (almost everyone) talk about the negative side from beeing gay.
And today I wanna walk about the positive side.
At the moment that I write this blog it’s Saturday and today is the canal parade in Amsterdam.
It’s about being proud of that your Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or being who you are!

Maybe the Canal Parade in Amsterdam is to much.
But the message is great and that’s what I like about the whole thing.
If you watch the canal parade you see allot of different people that are standing on the ship.
Some people are almost naked but some of them have beautiful outfits or dressed up as some character.

To start with some negative sides from being gay:
– If you like some boy/girl it’s not standard that the person is gay.
– There are allot of people that hate people that love the same sex.
– As a gay person you don’t have the same rights as a straight person,
you can get married in some country’s but don’t adopt children or get children.

Okay, enough negativity.
Now it’s time for some positive things about being gay.
Let’s be clear if you have a relationship for a short time it’s necessary to use a condom if you have sex.
But if your Gay you can’t get pregnant. And have to buy an after morning pill because you think that your pregnant.

If you have the same size as your boyfriend/girlfriend you can wear each others clothes.
It’s very practical and you have twice as many clothes than before.
But you must have a boyfriend that want to share his clothes.
And with clothes I mean T-shirt, sweaters, pants. And no underwear!

Brains from boys are almost the same as another male person,
And if you have a relationship with the same sex you almost know how the other person thinks about certain stuff.
Of course the personality of the other person is different so maybe he thinks different about some other subjects.

Most Woman need some advice from a gay guy if she’s shopping.
And as a guy person it’s so nice to give people advice on their clothes.
That aren’t only woman but also men, because some straight guys need some serious advice for their clothes.

As a gay person you can watch typical woman’s movies because if you’re gay there is a sort of female inside of you!
Of course you can watch hardcore action or horror movies.
But you have the choice to watch a movie and cry during the movie.

The last thing what I have on the list is:
Homosexuals are very creative!
Just have a look at the big fashion labels. If they have a male employee it’s almost 100% sure it’s a homosexual.

The message that I have with this post is that every person on the world have their positive side.
And if your Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or Straight be who you want to be!
If other people have an opinion about who you are, screw them!

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