Typical Dutch habits Part 1

Every country has his own habits. And I’ve made a couple of posts for you about the habits from the Dutch people.
I’ve watched very critical about the habits, Holidays or way of doing.
On this post you get 3 habits about the Dutch citizens.
Some of them are weird or strange and others contradictory.
Click on the link below to read about the habits.

From the first second that your are borned in the Netherlands you will learn the typical Dutch habits.
From your first birthday til your 8 years old, your parents will tell you that there is a man and he gives every child a present on 5 December.
He’s called Sinterklaas (kind of Dutch version from Santa Claus)

He arrived on a boat with allot of black dressed people.
And as a child you may put your shoe for the heating.
And Sinterklaas  put a present in your shoe when you sleep at night.
Sinterklaas doesn’t have a key from your house and don’t fit into the heating pipe.
Another weird thing about the whole ‘Sinterklaas’ thing is that the white people paint themselves black.
As a child you believe your parents and you’re in shock when they say it’s not real.
And with the Sinterklaas habit they made Pepernoten. It’s a cookie-like delicacy. If you wanna make it watch the video below.

When you have a birthday party in the Netherlands everyone sits in a circle next to a strange person.
Almost every person in the circle thinks: Is it already time to go. So we can go to our home.
The first thing you get on a birthday party is coffee or tea. With a slice of pie.
And after that you can choose between soda, beer, wine.
It’s a habit that you get the tea/coffee-pie-soda/beer/wine in this order.
When you see you wanna start with soda instead of coffee or tea that’s a strange thing in the Netherlands.
And the person that celebrates his birthday operated the guest’s.
He put snacks on the table and the guest’s can enjoy it.

The custom in Netherlands is: Just act normal, that’s crazy enough!
You don’t must be to good in some skills or show how much money you have.
you shouldn’t brag about your stuff but on the other side Dutch people love to say how much some stuff costs. Or how good they are.

These are just 3 habits from people that life in the Netherlands.
If you wanna read more you can read it next week on part 2.

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