Typical Dutch Habits Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the habits from Dutch people.
And if you gonna ask someone in The Netherlands what typical Dutch people do
That person will probably say:
The people in the Netherlands wants allot but don’t want to pay to much for it.

Dutch people won’t buy something directly, they gonna look for the product in different shops and think about it or compares prices.
But if they get some discount they will travel allot more or except that the product is less quality as the other product.

The Dutch people are real bread eaters.
And they put allot of different stuff on their bread.
Peanut butter one of the popular spreads.
Peanut butter isn’t original made in the Netherlands but originally made in the United States.
Another typical dutch spread is sprinkles (hagelslag)
There are allot of different flavors.
But the 3 popular flavors are with
– Milk chocolate
– Pure/white chocolate
– Fruit sprinkles
When the Dutch people go on vacation they take the sprinkles with them.
So they can put the sprinkles on their bread with breakfast.

Another image that other countries have about the Netherlands is the we walk on clogs (klompen) life in mills (molens) and eat cheese all day.
We eat allot of cheese and Dutch people are called cheese heads.
And we eat cheese on our bread, in diced or slices.
Real cheese heads!

Another special dish is deep-fried doughnuts (oliebollen)
You can buy is on stands in every city or bakery around November.
But normally you eat it when it’s new years eve in the Netherlands.
It’s very delicious and at the time that I write this post I can’t wait until it’s December.
If you wanna make it by yourself below you can read the recipe.

1 kilo, 2.2 lb wheat flour
1 liter, 33.8 fl oz tepid water
20 grams, 0.7 oz of salt
50 grams, 1.76 oz of sugar
80 grams, 2.8 oz of fresh yeast or 16 grams of dried yeast
Sunflower oil (good for high heat cooking)
Powdered sugar for finishing touch

– Mix the yeast with the tepid water. Ensure that the water isn’t too hot for the yeast before using.
– Add the flour to the watery yeast. Mix the batter briefly, using the lowest setting on the blender.
– Add the salt and the sugar. Mix in quickly
– Leave the batter to rise for 45 minutes in a warm place.
– After the dough has risen, start making doughnuts.
Heat the oil to a temperature from about 180ºC / 350ºF.
Use a sauce (gravy) spoon to spoon the batter into the oil.
Take a small or medium sized soup ladle, dip it in the hot oil briefly, scoop up some batter, then lower the ladle in the oil.
The Dutch doughnut will float out of the ladle.

Don’t fry too many at once––3 or 4 is the limit for most pans.
Use peanut oil and change the oil regularly.

– Fry the Dutch doughnuts about six minutes.
When they are half cooked, they will turn over by themselves, sometimes they need a little nudge to turn.

– Remove from the oil using the ladle or slotted spoon.
Lay a piece of kitchen paper into a bowl or deep plate and put each of the cooked Dutch doughnuts on it.
The kitchen paper soaks up most of the oil.
– Before you serve the Dutch doughnuts, sprinkle them with powered sugar.


Queensday is one of the biggest holidays in the Netherlands.
We are celebrating the birthday from the Queen Juliana
But her daughter changed it to celebrate that we have a queen instead of her birthday.
Our new king Willem Alexander changed the date and name because from 2014 we have Kingsday on the 27th of April.
And on Queensday/Kingsday (almost) everyone is dressed in the orange color.
There are doily markets and big parties with allot of music and alcohol.
But is very cozy! And allot of fun.


I can’t promise that I’ll make a part 3 about the Typical Dutch habits. If I found/get some inspiration to write about the Dutch habits I’ll post about it.

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