Watch it from the bright side


There are things in your life that are very negative .
And in some situations you don’t know how to react or to handle.
I also have that kind of situations with family,  friends or at my job.
In the last couple of months I have been thinking about how to react.
And I want to share with you how you can react in a couple of situations.

My connection between me and my father and step mother isn’t good.
I was thinking about how I can talk to them without pointing my finger and only talk in a negative about them.
It took me allot of stress and allot if anger to get to this point.
But I want to be in a positive mood and talk in a positive way.
And after allot of talking with other persons I started a new way.
A more positive way.


And the way that I’ve been talk about is don’t be negative.
Start to watch the problems in a positive way.
You must find the change by yourself.
Because you can’t change another person.
Okay I’ll give you example.
Since I have contact with my mother my father and step mother changed the way how they communicate with me.
That was one of the things that  frustrated me.
But now I start to communicate with them.
In  a way that I show my interest and they can’t ignore me.
Just like I said in a positive way.

Another thing that you can do is watch your problem from a distance.
So you can see what the real problem is and how you can react to create the best solution.
So this were my tips to get a positive life.
If you have more tips, just let me know in the comment section below or on Twitter.

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