What will music bring this year?


The first month of 2015 is over but the new releases of new music is just starting.
With on of the first new releases of albums or singles you can say the musical year is started.
But at the beginning of a new year the will speculate which artist will release a new album and which artist will wait for next year.
Or which artist be hot and which artist will have big flops.
So this blog will be about the big artist of 2015 and the big flops of this year.
At the end of this year I will read this post again and we’ll see if this all came true.

Let’s start with the big hits for this year:
Sam Smith had allot of hits in 2014 but I think that this year will also be the year for him.
If you listen to the whole album you hear all hits, I think that he can release all the songs as singles.
I don’t think that Sam Smith will release a new album but he will continue to release more singles from his album In The Lonely Hour.


Rihanna will surprise us with a new album because it’s already 3 years ago that she released ‘Unapologetic’.
I think that she must find a sound of her new album and try to make good music.
She tried it with her last 2 albums but only the first singles where big hits.
I must say the release of her latest single with Kanye West and Paul Mccartney isn’t my favorite at the moment but it’s okay.
Maybe she will release a new single and that is the hit she needs.
But I really hope that her new album will be a big hit!


Nowadays Adam Lambert is on tour with Queen.
But he already sneak peaked a new single.
Because he posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter that his listen to his new single.
The single will be release later this year in April.
I think that he made allot of music and picked the best songs for his new album.
Adam Lambert is an artist is mixed allot of different sounds from Pop, Rock and a little bit of dance influences.
And I hope that he made a good balance between the sounds so it will sound amazing!


Maybe Beyonce is not very busy with a new album but I think that is more busy than we think.
Because Beyonce is an artist that will release a whole album including the music videos.
And I think that she is working on new music but this time she will not release everything at the same time.
She said in a interview that she didn’t want to repeat herself with doing the same thing over again.
Maybe we get no new music from her but I keep hoping for new music in 2015 from Beyonce.


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Let’s go to the flops of this year:
I don’t mean that I want to flop but I think that for which reasons some of these artist will flop.

Britney Spears is still busy with her Piece Of Me shows in Las Vegas.
But she must find the time to make new music. Or sing the songs that the label picked.
What I want to say is that I think that Britney Spears will release a new album this year.
And it will sound like a mix of pop and dance, More dance then Pop.
The only thing that what makes me worry is that she must grow with her music.
And I don’t think that will happen. Her last 2 albums sounded the same.
So Britney try to make good music and make a big hit for this year!


Okay, I don’t have to say allot about Mariah Carey.
She tries to perform as she did allot of years ago.
But her voice can’t do that anymore. So she start to lipsync.
I think that it’s really sad for her to accept that she isn’t that diva as she was 10 years ago.
it’s even more pathetic that she will do allot of shows in the same hotel in Las Vegas as Britney Spears.
I don’t think that she can do it or that people really think that she must go to that kind of shows.
Unfortunately 2015 will not be the year of Mariah Carey.


Fergie is an artist that must have a couple of hits to sell a whole album.
She released a new single back in November.
But allot of people don’t liked the song and it wasn’t the hit that Fergie was hoping for.
The next single she will release must be a really good one to make a big hit of her upcoming album.
So she is one of the artist where I have big doubts is the music will be a hit of a big flop.


The feeling I get from Madonna is that she wants to be a young artist that make hits for the young people.
She must admit that she is older singer and that her music isn’t only for young people.
The album that I really liked was her disco album Confessions on a Dance floor.
After the album she wants to be a hip and young artist.
What I have heart until not I must say it’s okay. She didn’t convinced me to buy her music.
Some songs are good but she must pick the right songs to make hits.
If you see which singles she picked from her previous album she didn’t do well.
Maybe with the right promotion and singles she will achieve that it will be a hit.


Gwen Stefani is the last artist that is on my list.
She already released 2 single from her upcoming album.
Spark The Fire and Baby don’t Lie, both singles did okay.
Baby don’t Lie was my favorite of the two. But I hope that she will release a good and big hit as third single but if that is the right single more people will buy her new album.
I hope that it will be a hit.


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